betaal series review

Betaal (2020)

  • 45 min | TV-MA | Action,Horror,Thriller | 24 May 2020 | India
  • Imdb Rating: 5.5/10 From 91 Users



The name of this series is associated with the production house Red Chilli and Netflix that’s why the production value is also very good for this show. Patrick Ghaham, the director of the series, has directed this series with much more attention. The location of this series is such that by seeing it you will be lost in its entire world. Talk about the makeup of zombies, according to me, is fine. Except their eyes. Which looks like an LED bulb.

Plot :

The series has been focused on a tribal village in India. The village through which a tunnel passes and has to break to make a highway that can connect one city with another. But the villagers there do not want any highway to be built there, nor do they want the development of that village, Because the breakdown of that tunnel can cause trouble in that village as well as the whole country.


The story is based on a tribal village in India, whose linked with the dangerous battle of India British in 1857. There is a tunnel which has to be broken down to create a highway that can connect the entire village with another city but the villagers believe that inside the tunnel there is a ghost of British army colonel who possesses the powers of the god of betal.

If the tunnel is broken, the colonel’s soul will kill everyone one by one. Now hearing the stories of superstition from the mouths of the villagers is not a new thing, so there is a special police force (CIPD) entry in the story to complete the tunnel’s mission.

Everyone has different thinking in the team members of the force.The commander of the army is Tyagi (suchitra pillai), who is blinded by his power. And she wants to earn a lot of money on the other hand, The officer Vikram Sirohi (Vineet Kumar), who is trying to run away from an incident of his past but service to the country always comes up for him.

Apart from all this, the officer Ahluwalia (Aahana Kumra), whose bruises on his face narrates a terrible incident. Whose fear she could not get out till date. The twist in the story comes when the spoken words of the villagers start coming true and the police force is confronted by an enemy who is not a human but a British solder who has died 160 years ago.


If we talk about performance in this entire series, then it is the name given to the best performance in this whole series manjiri Pupala (Puniya), who is playing a villager, in this series also comes the name of Jitendra Joshi, whose character is (Ajay Madhalvan) has been featured in this series. The role of all the remaining characters is fine in this series.

Screenplay and Editing:

Talk about the screenplay and editing of this show, the most special thing is that the show is very small and has been very well created, which will not able to bore you. This series consists of Total 4 episodes and all have a length of about 40 to 50 minutes. All the episode is well scripted and edited.The way this series was finished, it shows that we will soon get to see its second season.

Overall Rating:

  • Action: 03/05
  • Comedy: 00/05
  • Drama: 03/05
  • Horror: 3.5/05
  • Suspense: 02/05

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