With great power come great problems. Sonic the cute blue hedgehog is blessed with blazing speed but he must keep running to stay alive. In his quest to survive, he lands up in a sleepy American town called Green Hills. Here, he finds all the peace, tranquility and anonymity he seeks. But being amidst the humans, Sonic yearns to have friends and this lands him in trouble.

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With a simple yet entertaining plot, director Jeff Fowler capitalises on the iconic video game character Sonic’s histrionics, quite well. Voiced to perfection by Ben Schwartz, Sonic is an endearing and lively character. Not only for his new and improved looks but also for his constant jibber-jabber that bring in many laugh out loud moments. His dialogues are witty and laced with clean, contemporary humour that make him instantly lovable. Another likable character is the friendly neighbourhood county sheriff Tom Wachowski (James Marsden). James plays Tom with an easy charm. His love-hate equation with Sonic and their constant banter are fun to watch. In fact, their bromance is one of the highlights of the film and it develops quite organically. Tom’s wife Maddie (Tika Sumpter) is perfectly supportive, despite relatively less screen time. But it’s Jim Carrey as the goofy and eccentric Dr. Robotnik, who goes all out, sporting crisp ‘Men in Black’ kinda suits and a handlebar moustache. Carrey’s quite a hoot as the evil villain who talks to himself, doesn’t let others talk and dances like no one’s watching.

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Justifying its genre, the narrative packs in quite a few high-octane action sequences that are slick. Sure, the pace drops when there is no action or comedy, but that doesn’t happen too often. This despite the fact that the story is quite predictable and doesn’t offer much novelty. Thankfully, there are quite a few throwbacks for the game fans.

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Sonic The Hedghog is a little ball of super energy packed with action, adventure and entertainment in an adorable package – perfect to fight your boredom blues.

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