Sushant Singh Rajput was an Indian actor who passed away by suiciding due to depression. But there are some things that make me feel he was murdered than suicided since the day he passed away.

Why did Shushant Singh Rajput lose all 7 films, signed after Chhichhore?

The problem has started not after chhichore but when he rejected to work in Befikre,because he did’nt liked the script!

Let’s go into some background.

Sushant has contract of 3 movies with yashraj banner,so he worked first movie of yashraj in Shudh desi romance in 2013.The problem with bollywood is that they do’nt have any rules & regulations.

What exactly yashraj banner do is they make a contract of 3 movies with an actor and they do’nt let that particular actor/actress to be in anyother movies as well as they take their share in income of actor from other sources such as ads,endorsement in that contract period.

After Shudh Desi Romance Yashraj did’nt offered a single movie to Sushant Singh Rajput for a period of 2 years and after that they offered befikre to sushant and he rejected that.

This was the time when yashraj banner got agitated & aaditya chopra make sure that he won’t get any other films from big banners and he was supported by none other than Karan johar,and whole big banners of bollywood went against him and stopped giving him film roles!

All sushant was left with web series & movies of small banner & unknown directors and previously signed movies.

There’s an irony to yashraj contract sushant was offered Ramleela aaditya chopra stopped him because this was against the contract but he made Ranveer singh to do the film,remember he was also in contract period with yash raj.

Vaani kapoor also has same fate,there’s no difference.These so called big banner eats out the career of talented outsider because their children will left with no work!

There’s a trade off going on in between bollywood families and no one expects an outsider to breach these secret deals.Anyone who thinks Ranveer Singh,Vikky kaushal are outsiders trust me they’re not,just google that Ranveer singh is grandson of famous actress Chanda burke and so vicky kaushal has direct connections to families of bollywood & director.

Bollywood is such a shallow & corrupt place,most of its directors & actors deserves no respect.

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Very Nice Article brother. I Likes It Too Much.

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